Flexpack Srl is a company based in Brescia with a gained experience in processing and manufacturing materials and accessories dedicated to protection and prevention of damage of goods during their transport and storage.
Protecting objects during transport and shipments is Flexpack’s prerogative. We are among the largest producers in Italy of flexible, protective and anti-corrosion packaging solutions, thanks to our avant-garde technologies and products that can fully meet the precise and strict specifications used in military and aerospace fields.
Flexpack is always very careful to its customers’ needs, by placing a large fleet of vehicles, we can ensure on time deliveries and always meet with great precision even the most complex emergencies, both from small businesses as from large corporations.
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A wide range of products

Our strenght lays in the variety of product items:

Packaging Products:

  • Coupled barrier;
  • Desiccants;
  • VCIs;
  • Shrink-wrap packaging;
  • Retraining nets;
  • Plastic Films;
  • Film covers;
  • Tarpaulin;
  • Indicators;
  • Welding apparatus;
  • Tar paper;
  • Industrial marking systems;
  • Fixing system.

Packaging carpentry:

  • Angular covers;
  • Base clamps right-left;
  • Inspection doors;
  • Ventilation grills;
  • U profiles-bars-plates;
  • Metallic structures;
  • Galvanized metal sheet.

Quality materials, avant-garde technology, skilled human resources

Flexpack, young and dynamic company, founded in 2008, thanks to the professionalism of its members and employees, and the experience gained in the logistics and transport fields, we are specialized in providing high quality services, dedicating great attention to details. Today, the company, located in Soncino, in the province of Cremona, is spread over an area of ​​6,000 square meters, including 3,000 meters of covered warehouses and 3,000 outdoor courtyards.

Flexpack, to ensure maximum efficiency in packaging supply, employs carefully selected materials and applied technologies and procedures that allow you to use all the inherent potentialities of the materials and, therefore, to offer services with high performance. The quality of our products and services is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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Saldatura – 200°C – 2 sec – 2Kg/cm2

Certified protective packaging

Who works in the packaging sector and shipments knows the importance of stabilization and protection of packages to avoid damage during the shipment.

Flexpack is among the nationwide leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial protective packaging, able to solve any security issue, both from the impacts and corrosion. The high quality of the service and packaging materials offered by Flexpack are insured by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The company does not stop with the products supply, but we work closely with each client, providing the experience and know-how. Thanks to this constant attention Flexpack is able to ensure maximum customer’s satisfaction and adequate protection of the goods.

Anyone looking for a professional and reliable partner for the protection of their goods during shipments, please contact us directly.

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