U profiles-bars-plates

U profiles, bars, plates and laminations

To secure every shipment you need to consider even those that might seem insignificant details: who works in the shipping and packaging industry knows the importance of filling the voids inside the boxes for the stabilization of the goods and for shock mitigation; rather than to reinforce the edges or the extremities of the crates to avoid damage during transport.

Flexpack, is a company appreciated throughout Europe for the supply of products and accessories for an high-quality packaging, we understand the needs of those working in the packaging field, and that is why we do not just provide last generation flexible protective and anticorrosive packaging solutions, but also all the metal accessories necessary to give stability to the wooden crates engaged in the transport of heavy machinery and goods: profiles and fixing anchors, U-profiles, threaded bars, angle bars, plates and perforated plates.

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Specifiche prodotti

Le casse in legno, solide e robuste, realizzate in particolare per spedizione merci di qualunque peso e dimensione via mare, aereo o terrestre, in alcuni casi impiegate da sole non bastano a garantire la sicurezza della merce. In situazioni particolari, in relazione al tipo di merce contenuta, vengono rinforzate con l’applicazione di accessori metallici capaci di conferire maggiore solidità e sicurezzaFLEXPACK fornisce alla clientela ferri a U, barre filettate, piastre e lamierini: accessori utili per il trasporto all’interno di casse in legno di macchinari pesanti.