Packaging Products

materiali per imballaggio saldatrice

Welding apparatus

Flexpack is specialized in the supply of plastic and PVC materials for the packaging of industrial goods, we also offer welding machines, heat sealing machines (both in the bar and rotary versions), heat sealers and manual shrink guns used for wrapping packages that need covers, tarpaulins, plastic and cellulose films.


sistemi di fissaggio per imballaggi

Fixing system

To ensure maximum safety and protection of the goods during transport, valid fixing and lifting systems are indispensable, also called locking, anchoring, hooking and lifting loads.


carta catramata materiali per imballaggio

Tar paper rolls

This product, which is perfect as a roofing material, is widely used for protection from humidity, water and corrosion of the goods inside of the wooden crates used to transport by sea.


sistemi di marcatura per imballaggi

Industrial marking systems

The industrial marking systems with continuous ink jet, compared to the more traditional roller marking machines for the engraving of round objects, are widely used for the packaging marking in the industrial field, thanks to the application practicality and to its fast drying.


indicatore di controllo materiali per imballaggio

Indicators/control systems

With the aim of providing a complete range of products for the packaging and protection, even of fragile materials and articles, we offer our customers specialized indicators appropriate for the monitoring and quality line of protection from the weather, impacts and possible overlapping, overturning or reversal of packaged goods.


materiali per imballaggio

Tubo Venturi

Viene utilizzato come imballaggio per eliminare i danni dovuti a ossidazioni conseguenti a trasporti via mare, lunghi immagazzinaggi in paesi freddi o tropicali. Viene fornito in bobine, anche monopiega e tubolari, in buste o in fodere realizzate su misura di qualsiasi foggia e dimensione.