prodotti per imballo accoppiato barriera

Coupled Barrier

A bag realized with coupled barrier packaging, if correctly packaged, is able to guarantee the maximum protection of the contents from outside moisture, for a considerable period of time.


sali disidratanti per imballaggio


Dessiccants have the function to absorb the humidity from packaging, solvin the problem of condensation before it appears. Dessiccants, more commonly called humidity absorbers or humidity collectors for packages, are commonly use combined with bacgs coupled barrier to ensure the full protection of electrical equipment and industrial machines during shipment. Available in different weights, Flexpack’s dessiccant bags are for sale and conform to all safety standards: DIN, MIL, NFH.


imballaggio termoretraibile

Shrink-wrap packaging films

The shrink-wrap film is the perfect packaging solution for any type of goods destined to palletization. In addition to the traditional bags, cover pallets and heat-shrinkable, transparent or coloured plastic pallet hood films, we also offer the product in different size rolls for standard packages or custom-made ones, according to the customer’s specific requirements.


anticorrosivi vci

VCI packaging systems

The VCI protection ( Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor ), in the industrial packaging field goes to replace the old oiling and greasing systems, which, besides being pollutant were also impractical. By employing VCI anticorrosive packaging systems you can obtain anticorrosive packaging by lining or additing it to the traditional packaging. When reopening the packaging, the product will be ready for use and does not need to be cleaned from polluted or dirty oils.


Film Cover

A high-density polyethylene film is a coextruded multilayer film, whose resistance to puncture and mechanical properties are surprising. It is very resistant in case of impacts, rubbing and completely waterproof, perfect for covering and protecting boxes or crates used for the transport and storage of industrial goods. Flexpack is specialized in the sale of plastic materials for industrial packaging, such as: customized plyethylene covers, PVC and nylon, high-quality, waterproof, resistant and easy to use


prodotti per imballaggio film plastici

Plastic Films

Flexpack is among the major producers and distributors of barrier bags for industrial packaging in Italy and Europe. We are able to provide high-quality responses for the effective resolution of each customer’s specific packaging need. Reliable partner for all companies operating in different industries, we provides extensible, wrap-shrink and transparent packaging plastic films (polyethylene) of different sizes, thickness and length, all standard or customized.


prodotti per imballo reti contenitive

Retrainings Nets

Retraining nets are the perfect solution for palletized packaging, not needing strength and stability for the packaged goods during transport.Retrainings nets are used in various industrial sectors; mostly in the packaging field, they fulfil the function of ensuring and containing the protection of every shrink-wrap polyethylene packaging. Flexpack addresses its products to all kind of companies, for the supply of protective products and plastic materials, resistant, innovative and useful for industrial packaging operations.


prodotti per imballo in tarpaulin

Waterproof Tarpaulin

Waterproof, weatherproof and tering resistant, practical, reliable and economic, tarpaulins are perfect for many uses.