Metallic structures

Customized metal structures

When the traditional wooden packaging is not adequate to ensure the correct protection during the regular handling and fixing of the machinery, plants or general goods which have to be packaged, they can be made of customized metal structures, which are able to ensure a proper packaging.

Flexpack is also engaged in the supply of customized metal structures with specific packaging and transport requirements including beams, sections and steel beams of different types and sizes (Hea, Heb).

The steel beams, widely resistant to bendind loads due to suitably designed profiles, whether positioned horizontally downloading the supports load stress. The customized profiles allow the customer to overcome construction problems and to obtain considerable advantages both as regards the use and the cost.

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The ideal packaging, thanks to customized profiles

Flexpack is able to provide each customer the ideal solution for any packaging requirement.

Here are some examples of possible customized realizations:

  • Metal structure to position a helicopter;
  • Structure for the support of an oil facility;
  • Structures to support heavy industrial plants;
  • Boat structures;
  • Containment structures for pipes or for other types of products by the size and considerable weight.
  • Metal structures made on the customer’s specific request which can answer the most diverse uses
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